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If it sounds too good to be true,
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Ed Spina, Author, Speaker, Mystic

Two-time National Award-winning Author,
Speaker and Mystic

Edwin Harkness Spina

Dear Friend,


Imagine being able to effortlessly tap into a higher level of consciousness that unlocks your full spiritual potential. A mindset so powerful, it allows you to smash through limiting beliefs like they were paper wallsand easily attract abundant wealth, radiant health, true love and happiness.


If you’ve ever wanted to attain your full potential to change your life for the better, you’ll want to read every word of this letter.

The Key to Manifestation

Modern scientists have confirmed what mystics have been telling us for centuries: everything is energy - everything has its own unique frequency. The Law of Attraction specifies that you automatically attract energies of a similar frequency. The energy of a thought will attract similar energies to it.

Beliefs are simply thoughts that you accept as true. Consequently, you attract experiences that match your beliefs. Your perception of everything is almost entirely influenced by your underlying beliefs.

Beliefs play a greater role in your life than any other single factor. You create your life experience via your underlying beliefs—whether they are conscious or unconscious.

The most dramatic way to improve your life is to change your beliefs.

Beliefs can be difficult to change …  

Changing your beliefs can be difficult because you accept your beliefs as true, most of your beliefs are subconscious and you see what you believe.

Even worse, we are swimming in a sea of negative beliefs. Nine out of 10 times you turn on your TV or radio, or read the newspapers, you are bombarded with negative programming. You are being conditioned to accept false limitations on what you can achieve.

To positively change your life, you need uplifting and mind-expanding news, and more importantly, you need to bypass the normal filters that have conditioned you to accept your limitations.

You need to attune with a higher state of consciousness where you are exposed to new, empowering beliefs – beliefs that will help you to live the life you deserve.

Transcend your conscious mind

Have you ever taken a class with a gifted teacher? As he or she explains a complex concept, you are at rapt attention. You understand precisely his reasoning, as he takes you step by step through the explanation. You are completely in tune with the thought waves of the professor.

When you are entirely captivated, the energy and information transmitted by a gifted teacher can transcend your conscious mind and go directly into your superconscious mind and true being.

Stories are ideal for
Attuning your consciousness …

One of the most effective teaching methods is by means of a story. After all the facts, statistics, charts and logic are gone, what you are most likely to take away from even the greatest lecture is a story.

If your goal is to improve your life and be your greatest self, you should choose a story with uplifting messages
– a story that will speak the truth – that you are capable of far more than you ever imagined.

The process involves tapping into your highest self, also known as your divine aspect or the master within. Attuning with your higher self provides numerous benefits such as radiant health, inspired thoughts and a deep sense of peacefulness unlike anything you may ever have experienced.

The story must captivate you
to work its magic …

In order to work, the story must entertain you while your new, empowering beliefs are internalized. There are so many distractions in today's world, only stories that can truly capture your attention and immerse you in a different world have the potential to transform your beliefs and your life

One remarkable book has done this for thousands of people — just by reading it. Since it’s written in a narrative style, there is nothing for you to do but read it. The book then works its magic in a powerful, life-changing way.

Mystic Warrior is an award-winning visionary thriller that delivers more than just a fast-paced, cliff-hanging adventure. It can actually instill empowering beliefs directly into your mind, dramatically improve all areas of your life, and propel your personal development upwards just by reading it.

It could easily produce results just like this:


Provided Courage

“I keep Mystic Warrior next to my bed and read a few chapters before going to sleep. A few times in my dreams I felt like I was in the story helping the good guys. Somehow, I know I’m making a difference.”
Dara Dubinet
Venice, California

Business Increased

“Since I read Mystic Warrior, my business has increased dramatically. It confirmed my belief that nothing is impossible. Mystic Warrior reminds me what an adventure life is. The beginning-of-chapter quotes, alone, are worth the price of this great book.”
Johnny Regan
Founder of Vision: Miami

Received a Spiritual Transmission

“As soon as I held Mystic Warrior in my hands, I felt my aura expand. Twice, while reading it, I started to get shivers running down my body and I realized I was receiving a spiritual transmission. Awesome!”
Chantelle Kurtz, Energy Healer and Master Sufi Teacher
Manchester, England

Transported to Another Dimension

“Excellent book for anyone seeking enlightenment and evolution. Once you start reading it you don't want to stop until you finish it. Find a pleasant atmosphere and a comfortable place to read it, you will be transported to another dimension while you are reading it.”
West Palm Beach, Florida

Here’s how to access that state of mind
and shatter every fear that holds you back
from living the life you know you deserve

Mystic Warrior, spiritual novel, psychic thriller, psychic abilities, mystical skills
visionary thriller

Mystic Warrior is not a how-to book. It’s better, because it works outside of the conscious mind. Just the process of reading it, will change you. Blocks and limiting beliefs that could be holding you back will be shattered.

You will be empowered, as you watch selfless mystics use advanced psychic abilities to battle mercenaries, terrorists and hidden powerbrokers to save the lives of millions. You will internalize their beliefs, their feelings and their thoughts.

Imagine what it would be like to be free of fear. Can you envision how this would help you to lead the life you want to live? What would you do with your newfound clarity, direction and purpose?  Would you use your awakened spiritual gifts to inspire others?

Provided Motivation to Unlock Psychic Awareness

“This is not an instruction book. It's a work of art, woven into a gripping story about a young man named Alec Thorn who undergoes rapid psychic development in order to eventually save millions of lives from a nuclear disaster. …

It provided me the courage, the motivation -- and the indomitable will to succeed in my quest for total psychic awareness. I wholeheartedly recommend this book to anyone who wants to join my quest.”
Zen Prophet
My Journey Back to Being Psychic



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Confirmed Psychic Abilities

“I can actually feel myself change as I read this novel.  I always knew I had certain psychic abilities and this confirms everything.
Corinne Popovich
Nova Scotia, Canada

Mystic Warrior is a Once in a Lifetime Book

"Mystic Warrior is one of my most prized books. I guard it very jealously and give it to very few people. I hope to read it again as soon as my sister in law finishes it. ... It's one of those books which you get once in a lifetime."
Ramaswamy Subramaniam
Chennai, India

Tap into your hidden gifts and
Discover your true spiritual potential

When you read Mystic Warrior, you’ll be exposed to beliefs, feelings and thoughts that will help you …

Enhance your intuition so you will make choices in line with your highest good
Expand your belief systems to accept and adopt beliefs that empower you and let you attain your greatest potential 
Eliminate blocks that sabotage your happiness and growth
Experience other dimensions to take you to the next level of personal and spiritual development
Tap into your divine self to receive inspired thoughts and profound peace
Experience an expanded reality that builds upon your physical, emotional and mental gifts.

Professional Remote Viewing Trainer
Reveals the Truth about Mystic Warrior


As a former remote viewing trainer for a Western intelligence organization, I am intimately familiar with the truth about remote viewing and influencing. I was curious to see how these capabilities would be portrayed in Mystic Warrior


Fasten your seatbelt and open your mind to the very real world of mystics and remote viewers. Author Ed Spina weaves an intricate plot of 'mystic warriors' fighting secretly to keep the balance between good and evil by opposing the dark forces of control and tyranny.


This is a modern spiritual novel worthy of our times, when these quasi-cosmic conflicts beg for a solution 'outside of the box.' 


Kudos for introducing these concepts to the general public!


Gerald O'Donnell, President and Founder 

Academy of Remote Viewing and Influencing


First Telepathic Experience


I wanted to share a unique experience that happened to me recently. I credit reading Mystic Warrior with giving me the knowledge necessary to recognize what was happening and to consciously respond.


During a deep meditation in a ceremony that I was a bit nervous about, I was feeling anxious and was trying to calm down. Suddenly, I felt pressure in the middle of my forehead and recognized (thanks to your book) that it may be someone trying to tune in to me. I asked (mentally) 'hello, who is it?'


Then I pictured Andrea, who had organized the event, but who was not present. I heard her say, 'just relax, all is well.' It felt nice and calming, so I went on through the rest of the session.


The next day I asked her if, in fact, she had sent this information to me.  She confirmed that she had sent energy and suggestions to relax to everyone in the group! She sent it and I got it! We were both pretty excited about the recognition.


Thanks again for writing a book to address such topics in an easily accessible way!


Leslie Blackburn

Dearborn, Michigan

Understand How the World Operates

Mystic Warrior helps you to tap into a different a mindset to view current events, so you can …

Find out how psychic abilities are used in today’s world by secret organizations to limit your growth
Discover the types of behind-the-scenes political battles that affect your freedom to develop your full potential
Get different insights into terrorism and its causes and recognize who benefits from fear and war
Find out how to identify false prophets using both logic and your enhanced intuition
Understand how seemingly unrelated events tie together so you can avoid being manipulated against your best interest.

Top Executive Gains Clarity, Direction and Purpose


I am a retired Vice President of Human Resources of a Fortune 500 company with a personal interest in human development.


Before reading Mystic Warrior, I never had much interest in global politics. It seemed illogical that time after time, politicians kept making decisions that were contrary to the common good. But, now I have a new perspective - an entirely new way of viewing the world.


Mystic Warrior helped me connect the dots and understand why certain problems remain problems. Best of all, these new insights have provided me with increased clarity, direction and purpose. I intend to spend more of my time teaching my friends, associates and clients how to harness this power to develop themselves and shape a world that rewards cooperation.


Raymond E. Casper

Chicago, Illinois

Mystic Warrior was written with short, bite-sized chapters to fit into your busy schedule so you can read as much as you want in any one sitting – but be forewarned: once you start you won’t want to stop!

Independent Publisher Book Award Winner
Nautilus Silver Book Award Winner

Readers of Mystic Warrior are not the only ones praising it. Mystic Warrior won the Independent Publisher Book Award for Visionary Fiction and The Nautilus Silver Book Award for Fiction/Visionary Fiction.


Long-term Meditator Experiences Telepathy


I’ve been a book editor and writing coach for over 25 years with a special interest in books dealing with spirituality and enlightenment. I’m a graduate of Maharishi International University (B.A. and M.A.) and have practiced meditation daily for over 32 years.

Not too long ago, Ed contacted me about editing his, as yet unpublished, manuscript, Mystic Warrior. We chatted for a few minutes and although I was quite intrigued with his storyline, I had to be blunt with him. I said that, unfortunately, I was booked solid with five clients and would be unable to edit his manuscript. He was persistent, however, and insisted I at least take a look at the work he’d done.

I finally agreed and Ed promptly emailed it to me. That evening I read about 50 pages of it; and the next morning I had an experience that I will remember for the rest of my life.

As per my usual practice, before arising, I began meditating. After some time, I became aware that I was 'conversing' with my dear friend and spiritual mentor, Mary. I wasn’t certain if I was imagining it or whether it was real, as we were communicating in complete sentences, not vague feelings or intuitions. At the end of our 'telepathic' conversation, I arose from my meditation and immediately called her on the phone.

Before I could get any words out, Mary confirmed our conversation, word for word. I was both awed and elated at this newly developed 'ability' and Mary’s uncanny 'sixth sense.' When I turned around, I saw Ed’s manuscript sitting beside my bed.

I called Ed to tell him what had happened and to thank him. In his book, such conversations take place between various characters who consider it ordinary. At some level, I must have recognized that telepathic communication was actually possible. Reading Mystic Warrior had, I believe, triggered an awakening of this gift.

As you may have already guessed, I agreed to edit Ed’s manuscript, which turned out to be a delightful experience. Reflecting back, I believe that Mystic Warrior is a book that will add to your understanding of the world in which we live and of the vast potential of humanity. It’s also a boundary-breaking adventure tale that I really enjoyed.

Willy Mathes
Tampa, F

Reviewers Love Mystic Warrior

“… highly recommended … deftly written … Mystic Warrior is a twining, suspenseful, and fully unique saga from start to finish.
Midwest Book Review


“This is truly a novel like none other, with much to ponder about what, in the world, is really going on.”
Pearly Baker Best, Magical Blend

"Mystic Warrior is a think-about-it thriller with spiritual truths sprinkled among the action."
-Joi Eden, New Age Retailer


“An international spy thriller with a difference abilities long researched but not yet understood truly a novel beyond time and space. Highly recommended.”
Elaine Fuhr, Allbooks Review


“The author had me hooked from the first page … an outstanding grade of modern literature.”
James Bless,


“An intriguing thriller …  readers with an interest in mysticism will be wowed!”
Cheryl McCann,


“Even if you don't believe in psychic powers … by the end of this book you will seriously be reconsidering the possibility.”
Catherine Kitcho, Hot Lava! Book Reviews


“Spina demonstrates that the mind is more deadly than the body, in his compelling psychic thriller, Mystic Warrior.”
David Taub, noted journalist, editor and book reviewer

Spiritual Teachers Recommend Mystic Warrior

Mystic Warrior is an exciting book that I highly recommend. … These are the principles I've been teaching for 40 years.”
Iris Saltzman, world-renowned intuitive astrologer,

listed in the 100 Top Psychics in America


“I was spellbound … Excellent storytelling, incisive revelations.”
Keith Varnum, life coach, author of Living the Dream-It's Time


“A unique work needed in this day and time.”
Dr. James J. Capers, founder of the Temple of Divine Prophecy


Best-Selling Authors Praise Mystic Warrior


"The DaVinci Code meets The X-Files - Mystic Warrior takes the spiritual novel to a whole new level. Packed with intrigue, a necessary read for those on the path of adventure." 

Dannion Brinkley, New York Times best-selling author of Saved by the Light


“Spina asks esoteric questions that few writers could ever imagine, and he answers them in subplots that few readers will ever forget!”
Bob Waxman, author of Kabbalah Simply Stated


“Spina is an exciting new writer unafraid to push the limits. With this book he stretches the perceived reality envelope, takes the action to different levels, and is talented enough to make it work.”
Cherokee Paul McDonald, best-selling author of Blue Truth and Into the Green


“Alec Thorn is not your typical entrepreneur. His pursuit of free enterprise takes unexpected turns that leaves us thinking there might be another dimension at work here.”
Frank McKinney, best-selling author of Make it Big, 49 Secrets for Building a Life of Extreme Success


“Outstanding! A great combination of business, mystery, and mysticism.”
Debbie H. Cohen, author of Reach Your Stars!


Reading Mystic Warrior Can Change Your Life

Reward yourself with a captivating thriller that let's you effortlessly tap into a level of consciousness that inspires and empowers you. Let yourself release your fears that are blocking you from attaining your true spiritual potential.

Can you imagine how that would help you to improve your life, develop your spiritual gifts and give you the strength to make the world a better place


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100% Satisfaction GuaranteedThe award-winning Mystic Warrior comes with a no-questions, no-quibble, 180-day Money Back Guarantee. If for any reason (or no reason), you decide this book isn't right for you, just send it back at any time within the next 180 days, and I'll buy it back from you for every penny you paid. There is absolutely no Risk. If you are not completely satisfied, I will give you all of your MONEY back.


Even if you decide to return Mystic Warrior, please keep your bonuses. It's my way of thanking you for giving Mystic Warrior a chance!


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Thousands of people have benefited from this powerful material. Wouldn’t you really like to start living the life you’ve always dreamed of? You can, simply by tapping into your innermost self and unlocking your hidden gifts. For only $14.95, you can't go wrong.

Blissful Out-of-Body Experience

Throughout the book I found myself profoundly moved and at times leaving the physical surroundings while I was reading and being immersed in feelings of great joy and understanding and love for all around. … Thank you for this magical work.”

Frank McDougall
Laytown, Ireland

I promise that Mystic Warrior will deliver the profound changes in your life you’ve always known are possible.

Yours for a better, more spiritually fulfilled life,

Edwin Harkness Spina

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