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Are You Sabotaging Your Goals …


Without Even Knowing It?


You've probably sabotaged your goals several times today without even knowing it. That's why I created this webpage. You're about to discover the number one cause of unmet goals and how you can become a master of your own destiny. No matter what area of life you seek to enhance – health, wealth or love – this information applies to you and it may surprise you.


You’re going to learn mystic techniques that can change your life based on ancient wisdom and modern science. You’ll learn the who, what, why, where and how of belief systems from a mystic perspective – how to avoid the mistakes and disastrous situations that you’ve been vulnerable to and how to take charge of your life


Change Your Beliefs – Change Your Life


Your beliefs play the most critical role in your life, greater than any other single factor, including your heredity, education, culture, or experience (together with past incarnations). Beliefs are also the area in which YOU can have the greatest influence on your life - for good or bad.


If your beliefs are not aligned with your goals, reaching them will be nearly impossible, especially if your beliefs are subconscious. As Carl Jung once said, “Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.” Conversely, when you recognize your beliefs, especially limiting ones, you can take control of your life and achieve seemingly impossible goals, whether it's financial success, attaining the sculpted body you've always admired or attracting the mate of your dreams.


Beliefs are the Key

My interest in belief systems was sparked by last year’s presidential election. I was amazed at how people of good intent could form completely different opinions of the job President Bush was doing – polar opposites, actually. It wasn’t the facts, since both supporters and critics had access to the same information. It wasn’t the person, as the president didn’t change. What caused this giant schism was people’s perception of the president. Bottom line: your perception of anything is almost entirely based on your underlying beliefs.

A Mystic’s View of Belief Systems



This CD presents a unique look at belief systems from a mystic perspective. Blending ancient wisdom with modern science, A Mystic's View of Belief Systems provides the missing key to achieving your dreams.  

Mystic's View of Belief Systems, Exercise to Release Limiting Beliefs

From a Mystic Perspective You Will Find Out:

Why your beliefs change over time based on the mystic Law of the Triangle and how you can learn to spot opportunities for growth.
Reasons you’d want to change your belief system (including the big one: it no longer serves you).
How quantum physics and modern medicine have confirmed what mystics have taught for centuries and how it affects you.
How the mystic Law of Attraction acts to confirm your beliefs and how you can apply this law to manifest your desires.
Three major reasons why you have difficulty changing your beliefs (this knowledge is often enough to let you release a limiting belief).
The five stages that you go through when changing a belief so you can track your progress.
The four extra steps you can follow to ensure your new belief system best serves you in the future.

A Powerful Mystic Technique - Mental Alchemy

You will also find out a simple, yet highly-effective, mystic technique known as Mental Alchemy, which can be used to change your experience of reality; and
How to recognize and avoid techniques used by others attempting to change your beliefs for their own purposes (brainwashing).


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