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Mystic Warrior Awards, Reviews and Comments

Mystic Warrior, spiritual novel, psychic thriller, psychic abilities, mystical skills

Winner of the
Independent Publisher Book Award
for Visionary Fiction
and a
Nautilus Silver Award for Fiction

"The DaVinci Code meets The X-Files"
-Dannion Brinkley, New York Times
Bestselling Author of Saved by the Light

Highly recommended deftly written Mystic Warrior is a twining, suspenseful, and fully unique saga from start to finish.
-Midwest Book Review

This is truly a novel like none other, with much to ponder about what, in the world, is really going on.
-Pearly Baker Best, Magical Blend

Mystic Warrior is an exciting book that I highly recommend . These are the principles I've been teaching for 40 years.
-Iris Saltzman, world-renowned intuitive astrologer,
listed in the
100 Top Psychics in America

Fasten your seatbelt and open your mind to the very real world of mystics and remote viewers. In this fast-paced international thriller lies a welcome message of hope for humanity.
-Gerald O'Donnell, Founder and President 
Academy of Remote Viewing and Influencing

Mystic Warrior is a think-about-it thriller with spiritual truths sprinkled among the action.
-Joi Eden, New Age Retailer

This book is a modern masterpiece. I've read it four times now and I'm sure I'll be rereading it again. Every time I find more depth in the mysticism area, and the spy novel part of it is just "exciting as hell."
-Stan Pontiere, Wealth Success Reviews

This book is going to take off He knows his stuff.
-Rob McConnell, paranormal investigator/host "X" Zone Radio

The author had me hooked from the first page an outstanding grade of modern literature.
-James Bless, Round Table Reviews

An intriguing thriller readers with an interest in mysticism will be wowed!
-Cheryl McCann,

What a treat Even if you don't believe in psychic powers by the end of this book you will seriously be reconsidering the possibility.
-Catherine Kitcho, Hot Lava! Book Reviews

Spina demonstrates that the mind is more deadly than the body, in his compelling psychic thriller, Mystic Warrior.
-David Taub, noted journalist, editor and book reviewer

Mystic Warrior is one of my most prized books. I guard it very jealously and give it to very few people. I hope to read it again as soon as my sister in law finishes it. ... It's one of those books which you get once in a lifetime.
-Ramaswamy Subramaniam, Chennai, India

As soon as I held Mystic Warrior in my hands, I felt my aura expand.  Twice, while reading it, I started to get shivers running down my body and I realized I was receiving a spiritual transmission. Awesome!
-Chantelle Kurtz, Energy Healer and Master Sufi Teacher
Manchester, England

Spina asks esoteric questions that few writers could ever imagine, and he answers them in subplots that few readers will ever forget!
-Bob Waxman, author of Kabbalah Simply Stated

Excellent book for anyone seeking enlightenment and evolution. Once you start reading it you don't want to stop until you finish it. Find a pleasant atmosphere and a comfortable place to read it, you will be transported to another dimension while you are reading it.
-Lightworker, West Palm Beach, Florida

This is not an instruction book. It's a work of art, woven into a gripping story about a young man named Alec Thorn who undergoes rapid psychic development in order to eventually save millions of lives from a nuclear disaster. It provided me the courage, the motivation and the indomitable will to succeed in my quest for total psychic awareness. I wholeheartedly recommend this book to anyone who wants to join my quest.
-Zen Prophet, My Journey Back to Being Psychic

Whether you like your fiction fast, glamorous and danger filled, or are a seeker of incorrigible truths, Mystic Warrior is something totally new to storytelling and worth checking out.
-Stephen D. Estes, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

A great read Who needs Harry Potter when you have the Mystic Warrior?
-Tiena Zbornik, West Palm Beach, Florida

I can actually feel myself change as I read this novel.  I always knew I had certain psychic abilities and this confirms everything.
-Corinne Popovich, Nova Scotia, Canada

Throughout the book I found myself profoundly moved and at times leaving the physical surroundings while I was reading and being immersed in feelings of great joy and understanding and love for all around. Thank you for this magical work.
-Frank McDougall, Laytown, Ireland

Heavily dusted with mind-expanding vision and spiritual transformation ... if you've ever wondered about the power of the mind, principles of spirituality or the law of attraction, then look no further. This book has got it all.
-Hebe Fearn, Health Synergy

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