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Academy of Remote Viewing and Influencing through Time and Space - Offers world famous remote viewing and influencing courses to help you manifest the life you desire.


Book Editor - Coach - Excellent, affordable editing, writing and coaching services to authors of all levels who want to see results. Willy Mathes did an amazing job editing Mystic Warrior, which helped it to win two national book awards!


Child of Mine, Know This - Award-winning children's book, that reminds children of who they truly are - bright lights shining since the beginning of time who have come to earth to shine their light on all humanity. Make Today Count! - Current Living is dedicated to presenting information, resources, and tools to educate, motivate, and inspire you to make the most of living in the NOW.


Energy Center Clearing - Free audiobook and e-course to help you relieve stress, overcome fear, eliminate anger, dis-identify with your emotions and connect with your innermost self.


Galactic Connection - Cutting-edge news and updates about what's happening on our planet that you won't find on the mainstream news.


The GATEWAY / a Portal for Growth & Wellness - Heart Conscious Modalities for Mind, Body, Spirit and Soul.


Great Spiritual Books - a collection of great spiritual books reviewed by Katinka Hesselink.


Indigo Life Coach - Transform your life from what it is now to what you dreamed it could be.


Mary DeAmbrose is an artist, healer, author and speaker who uses many methodologies in her work, including her intuitive gifts and a mastery of what she calls “structural engineering of the body, mind and spirit.” She is certified in Reconnective Healing and Reconnection.


Massage - Los Angeles - Sports stars, musicians and celebrities all go to Ann Myers for the best massage in Los Angeles.


Mystic Secrets Revealed - Learn proven mystic techniques to awaken your heart, expand your mind and improve your life.


Numerology- Learn who you really are and your true purpose in life. Identify strengths and weaknesses and overcome obstacles. Free report.


Reina Sang is the classically-trained intuitive composer and performer who did the music for Energy Center Clearing and Total Love Immersion. is the most complete guide to information about Self -Improvement, Personal Growth and Self Help on the internet. provides one of the most complete collections of Free Newsletters for Self Improvement and Personal Growth on the internet.


Spiritual Cinema Circle - The world's leading provider of the most moving and inspirational movies ever, delivered directly to your home!


Spiritual Growth - A video overview of Mystic Secrets Revealed


StarDoves LightWaves Aquarian Age eList - Keep up to date on the latest in spiritual products, events and services.

Success Consciousness - Articles, ebooks, guidance and quotes on positive thinking, creative visualization, success, mind power, peace of mind, happiness, spiritual growth, nonduality and meditation.


Travel to Enlightenment - Travel is one of the fastest and most effective ways to gain insight into yourself and the world. Visit sacred sites in Peru, Tibet and Bali.


Unicorn Foundation - My good friend and master energy healer, Tommy Rosa, offers small group and private healing sessions by telephone. Call 1-772-463-0202 for more information.


Vedic Astrology - Remarkable Indian Astrology & horoscope readings as per ancient Vedic astrology system from Vedic astrologers of India.


Virato Live! Virato is a mystic, philosopher and early pioneer in the human consciousness movement. His tagline is "Beyond Coast to Coast," and that's where we went when he interviewed me March 11th!



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