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"The DaVinci Code meets The X-Files -

Mystic Warrior takes the spiritual novel to a whole new level. Packed with intrigue, a necessary read for those on the path of adventure." 

- Dannion Brinkley, New York Times

Bestselling Author of Saved by the Light


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Novelists, psychics, spiritual teachers, readers and bestselling authors have praised this award-winning, visionary thriller, in which
selfless mystics use advanced psychic abilities to battle terrorists, mercenaries and hidden powerbrokers, with the fate of millions hanging in the balance.


Fasten your seatbelt and open your mind to the very real world of mystics and remote viewers. 

-Gerald O'Donnell, President and Founder, the Academy of

Remote Viewing and Influencing through Time and Space


Mystic Warrior, psychic abilities, psychic thriller, spiritual novel

Alec Thorn is a thirty-something go-getter looking to make it big. When a key business ally dies suspiciously, his dream is shattered. Sophie, an eccentric florist, mysteriously leads him to a discovery that will change his life forever—the leader of an elite group of mercenaries has a personal vendetta against him and wants him dead.

Ominously, the mercenaries are threatening to auction off a nuclear device to fanatic terrorists bent on world destruction. Aided by Sophie and a rogue bounty hunter, Thorn begins a desperate race against time to develop his “spiritual muscles” and survive in a world he had no idea even existed and where his previous beliefs about time and space no longer make sense.

Thorn's spiritual transformation reveals an unknown world of selfless mystics working behind the scenes using advanced psychic abilities to battle terrorists and the power elite. In this mind-bending, roller coaster adventure, Thorn battles against seemingly insurmountable odds with the fate of millions hanging in the balance.


This sounds intriguing. Please email me an excerpt so I can check it out.

Mystic Warrior is not your usual novel.  As two readers put it:

Whether you like your fiction fast, glamorous and danger filled, or are a seeker of incorrigible truths, Mystic Warrior is something totally new to storytelling and worth checking out.”
-Stephen D. Estes, Oklahoma City, OK


“You will be transported to another dimension.”

-Lightworker, West Palm Beach, FL


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A great read … Who needs Harry Potter when you have the Mystic Warrior?
-Tiena Zbornik, Palm Beach Gardens, FL

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